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The Next Big Thing in DC Power Distribution

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The Next Big Thing in DC Power Distribution

Use Anywhere:

Hospitals, Airports, Education, Restaurants, Hospitality, Stadiums and more!

75% Reduction
in Wire

Up to 92% power conversion efficiency

QC 2.0 and

Contains Advanced Charging Technologies that allow up to 70% faster battery charges.

Eliminates Data Security Liability

Voltek outlets contain no data connection so your device data is not prone to hacking.

What Makes Voltek
The Best Low Voltage Power Solution?

Voltek’s approach to wiring buildings for the future involves a much greener design by distributing direct power over low voltage cabling. Low voltage cabling allows a reduction of up to 75% in raw copper and plastics used in building electrical wiring systems. Additional savings can be realized through the efficient conversion of AC to DC power at a single source from a Voltek power supply rather than at each individual outlet or lighting fixture.

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