Voltek USB outlets are changing the way hospitals deploy USB outlets throughout their facilities.  Some of the ways our faceplates can be deployed are as follows

- Emergency Rooms / Waiting Rooms:  Patients and family members alike can spend many hours in these areas.  Easily deployed around the room near seating helps users to keep a charge and stay connected with loved ones.

- Patient Rooms:  Installed near the bed side provides the patient a safe and speedy way to charge mobile devices.  This prevents unwanted devices from being plugged into dedicated hospital 120 VAC outlets.

- Nurse Stations:  Doctors and nurses alike use mobile devices for everyday patient care and monitoring.  Added USB outlets provides healthcare provides ample ways to keep a full charge.


Voltek USB outlets are a great option for charging locations in both front and back of house operations.

- Installed under bars, tables or in wall for customer retention,  increased sales revenue, and overall customer satisfaction.

- Placed back of house, Voltek outlets can serve as a power source for POS systems, low voltage USB devices, and to prevent employees from using plugs dedicated to business operations.


Add to lobby areas and bars for traveler convenience.  Reduce expensive high voltage cabling within rooms and replace with Voltek oulets!

Easily add USB convenience outlets just about anywhere for traveler use.    


With our battery backup power supplies feel comfortable knowing that in the event of power failure due to mother nature you will still be able to charge devices and make important calls.